How to do Keyword Research for best SEO Results

by adiguru November 23, 2018

Keyword Research:

These are the simple steps to follow keyword Research to increase your website Traffic and Business Leads.


Select Keyword:

  • In any paragraph, start the sentence with prior Keyword if you want to highlight the segment. It is better to give Hyperlink for that particular keyword. This will help you to create more Traffic.
  • Most of the people searching online through keywords. Prefer to use Long tail Keywords.
  • Use a Primary keyword in URL and Meta Description as well.

Use Keyword Planner Tools:

  • Google is giving free Keyword planner tool. I suggest you to use this Google Keyword Planner. Some other useful tools giving free to some extent.
  • Using Keyword Planner Tools keyword research will become easy and time-saving.
  • But, always don’t depend on Keyword Planner Tool for short tale Keywords.

 Competitive Analysis:

  • Find your competitors related to your services and do some research about keywords what they are using. Make sure there is no other keyword which is not related to your business or service.
  • Never repeat the same keywords to more than one page.

Use Long Tail Keywords:

  • In most of the cases, Longtail Keywords decides whether user or consumer wants to visit your website or not.
  • If it is a product based website, User must aware it from your keyword.
  • If it is a service based website, highlight your Service that user should understand.
  • Add your service or Product location along with the keyword. For example Plumbing services in Hyderabad Area. Here User is searching service along with the location. This kind of Keywords becomes very useful to your Business or Service.

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