Digital Marketing Tips: How To Promote A YouTube Video

by adiguru May 23, 2019

If you have a Youtube channel and don’t know how to promote your videos, read this article to get some information.

If you consider these parameters while adding a video to your youtube channel. The rate of view will increase gradually.

Here are the easy and brief tips to follow:

  • Optimize Video Title with cache words. Use regular attention-grabbing long tail keywords. (Use some keyword search tools for a better idea)
  • Write Exact and straight away point in Title
  • Add a current year if possible. (Ex. 2019 present year)
  • Make sure there are no wrongly spelled words in your title. It will impact your brand.
  • Add Video Description below the title tag with brief details.
  • You can add up to 500 characters in your video description.
  • Add 3 familiar hashtags under the description
  • Add Social Media Links to your description, it will be an added advantage of sharing/promoting them.
  • Also, Add Meta Tags under the video description. Here, you can add regular keywords as people search in youtube
  • Create a youtube playlist with previous videos
  • Use call to action buttons in youtube account
  • Add Social Media accounts to your youtube channel
  • Read the tips to create/edit videos using youtube creator studio.
  • Finally, Promote or share your videos through social networking sites regularly.

This method will create an impact on your youtube channel

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