How to Create Backlinks through Link Building Technique in SEO

by adiguru December 01, 2018

Link Building Methods in Search Engine Optimization

In SEO, Link building is the most important technique than other methods. If you have more backlinks, then automatically your website will get organic Traffic. If you have more traffic, you can get more revenue from it via Business sales.

Off Page Submission plays a key role to get backlinks. Using Meta Title, Meta Keywords,  eta Description and other information related to your site is enough to create backlinks to your site.
There are two types of Links called No follow Links and Do follow Links.

No follow links gives you Traffic where as Do follow gives you Traffic as well as Ranking.

Internal Links (Do follow Links):

  • Always create Links to your Website Internal Pages. You can Use Links in every Page.
  • Mostly, to get ranked use Links in the first paragraph as well as in the last paragraph.

External Links (No follow Links):

  • Always give links to External Pages.
  • Make sure External Links should have High Authority websites.

Use More Anchor Texts in website content that gives you Traffic and Ranking.

Apart from all These, SEO OFF Page submissions will increase link building. There are so many submissions to do to improve link building strategy. They are,

  • Local Business Listing sites,
  • Directory Submission sites,
  • Social Book Marking sites,
  • Article Submission sites,
  • Blog Commenting sites,
  • PDF submission sites,
  • PPT submission sites,
  • And more…

Link Building Technique plays a major role in creating backlinks and getting website Traffic. Use the Link building strategy to get ranked in a better position than before.

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