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by adiguru May 18, 2019

To run a business in a traditional way has become effortless and also very expensive. Using digital marketing tactics you can reduce the investment as well as reduce the time being.

To become a successful entrepreneur or service provider, you will be the better choice to a customer over your competitors.

Most of the companies are using digital marketing resources. Some of those are premium and some of those are for free.

Here is the list of free digital marketing tools to engage your business or service with customers.


The above 16 digital marketing tools will survive your business over competitors initially. Focus on organic traffic/lead will increase your brand reputation.

List of digital marketing tools:

Google Analytics:

This platform can be created using your Gmail. A bit of code to be integrated with your website for traffic analysis.

Google search console:

This tool can be used to find the website performance. It is used to index webpages and other metrics like links, sitemaps, robots.txt, etc.,

Canva, gimp, stencil, crello:

These are the graphical tools to create banners, posters, images, thumbnails, cover photos, infographics, etc.,





Keyword planner, ubersuggest:

To spy on competitor keywords you can use these tools for free of cost.



To generate XML sitemaps for a website up to 500 URLs you can use these tools for free.

MailChimp, Amazon SES:

To send emails as welcome subscribers, product notifications, thank you emails, alerts we can use both platforms. By using MailChimp you can send emails up to 2000 subscribers. With Amazon ses, the cost is very low.


amazon ses:

Buffer, Hootsuite: 

These are the social media automation tools to schedule posts for one place you can integrate all your social media accounts in the above platforms.



Google page speed insights:  

It is better to reduce page speed loading time to browse for a product or a service. With this tool, we can check page speed from time to time.


Similar web:

To check website rankings and traffic analysis globally or locally, we can use this tool.



You can check your website SEO status by entering your website domain.



To find duplicate content, broken links  of your website you can use this tool.


SEMRush, SEO profiler:

These tools are used to check competitors websites to some extent. For a full version, we have to go with the premium.




Using this extension you can write your content or articles more clearly without grammar mistakes.


Answer the public:

It is one of the best search query data visualization tool. User will get many ideas to which information he wants to get from search engines.



This is an Instagram extension being used to make automatic likes for other competitors.



you can design/modify small icons. These icons can be used in websites, apps, social media, favicons, giphys, posts, images, etc.,


Read this article and give comments below as you know any free tools

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